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Marijuana lab BHO started a fire in a Woodland Hills home | Raw footage

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Wax Honey Budder per gram prices in Los Angeles?  Private Manufacturing Laws? 

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Shatter | Dab Production nets $9,000.00 per LB. | U.S. Black Market underground street prices for cooking Honey Oil, See Woodland Hills, Calif. 
Editorial credits: Baddboyfilms News, Woodland Hills, Ca. The Government runs the Shatter prices down while the street thugs and gangs run it up.

In Woodland Hills, Ca. we are seeing in homes of the Persian population that this is where the most highest ran operations are within. Persian people are more interested in the processing and manufacturing of this oil, honey oil and Shatter than that of other races. But it isn't a race issue or a issue of morals. It is a issue of cash income and return of investments.
While the state laws in California are becoming written on the topic, and the legalization of Marijuana has been a fact then where we are heading is into what it being ripped as “The Shatter Era”

Before lawmakers cook up a scheme to melt it all down into one pot, they are seeing more and more tweeters cooking up their own batches from the street, alleys and in garages and self storage rentals. Where you wouldn’t expect to find a Meth Lab, you would find a Shatter processing manufacturing operation right under your own nose. The people behind these shimmy-shark underground hood labs are those of the street. They are old school stoners, skaters, or the regular profound chemist who once was cooking meth, ice, clear or rock and flipped their op to the more easily new trend amongst not only teens but Lawyers, Doctors, Police, and even Supreme Court Judges smoke a little dab here and there  in the secret chambers of their private lives.

Dab | Shatter Budder (Butter) is like a pasty wax film that is gathered while you process the oils  of the bud, flower, or better known as Marijuana | Cannabis. 

There are more dangers involved than one may assume when you cook with household chemicals and mix them in with heat. Heat will surely ignite the residues when you are dealing with bubbles of butane in your mixture. 

This is the newest craze like a town that legalizes Fireworks or Casinos. The criminals, the rants, the ravers, the tweeters, the inexperienced small timers will want some of that price per pound action. The going 2017 October price per Lb. of DAB, Honey Oil, Cannabis Oil, Marijuana Honey Oil is about $9,000.00 and this is liquid ounces at 16 for one pound. 

Liquid being the honey, the slab, the shatter . Whatever you want to call it, it sells for a lot of money. That price tag is bringing in a lot of small timers from the hood of Los Angeles who once sold used cars, not they are making Cannabis Oil from their garages. But they don’t know what they are doing, a few times they do it, it comes out good and pure, other times, Ka-Boom they blow the house up. Firefighters find more Dab labs cropping up in the West Valley area of the SFV Los Angeles this year 2017 and Last year 2016. 

It blows up like liquid nitrogen mixed with gasoline and flames. But it burns like a sticky substance, it sticks to your walls and is on fire. Fire Extinguishers hardly put the burning flame out. You need foam extinguishers, or what is called “Wet Water” .

 It burns inside your place like a Mot’off Cocktail just exploded but add some napalm to that mixture and that’s what it’s like. It’s a mess to extinguish. So for those who want to speed up the process by using Butane, get yourself outside in open air and don’t do it indoors. The fumes will ignite. 

There is a new law written. It will become available soon in 2018. But it will regulate how the process is done, the people who do the process and where it is done. There will be permits issued to the legal people who are allowed to process Honey oil and their will be only those doing this who are permitted and regulated by Federal Government.

The is a safety measure and precaution so people don’t risk death and the death of others around them where they openly chemist their products. It was in the March 7th, 2017  Ballot in Los Angeles and people voted on it and now it’s going to become law. 

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Alleged Cannabis concentrate Shatter | Honey oil cooking kitchen and Lab explosion at 5306 N Don Pio Dr. Woodland Hills, CA  recently was in the eyes of the LAFD Arson and an LAPD investigation....

Woodland Hills, CA | THC Cannabis oil Fire Criminal Investigation

Los Angeles, CA - 5306 N. Don Pio Dr, Woodland Hills, Ca, Fire and Police ... called in Los Angeles Fire Department investigators (ARSON Detectives) to ... of the structure the lab was being used to cook down the Hash oil.