Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Palmdale News: A Hotel High-rise Hotel fire near Universal Studios | Raw Footage

High rise structure fire claims 1 floor at the Sheraton in Universal Studios - 1 Firefighter critical condition. 

On employee laid on the floor in the service entrance to the Hotel's lobby unresponsive to C.p.r. administered by EMT's of the Los Angeles Fire Dept on scene. 

Credits: Baddboyfilms News August 30, 2017 1:00 pm

Universal Sheraton, Universal, Ca

Watch the video: 

Sheraton Universal ninth floor room fire 

The heart machine inside the ambulance was screaming off EKG heart pulse alerts and alarms of warnings continuously as the worker was laying on the gurney inside the awaiting LAFD RA.  

The room blaze was held in check by a fire sprinkler, on the 9th floor of a 26 story high rise Universal Sheraton hotel in Los Angeles

There was also one Firefighter injured and was said by authorities to be in serious but stabled condition. 

The scene was catastrophic like out of a Paramount Pictures film in Hollywood. 

The front parking lot was being used to film a movie by a motion pictures production company and trailers with dressing rooms and generators for the powerful lighting and boom operators, gaffers, etc and their internal professional security move guards on location of this Hollywood Universal Studios backlot picture where the Hotel caught fire and made a big watery grave mess that was like a giant waterfall down upon the movie producers in the front lot who were very upset. 

Like a large angry bee hive, the movie producers day was a mess after the fire started. It was a disastrous day for the director of that production . He was ranting at the firefighters all day about his time limits of rental agreements and his motion picture employees pay checks, on the time clock. His budget was blasted. 

This hotel high rise structure fire ignited more outside anger amongst others too. The property is private and therefore Police were refusing to allow Tv news network's News media photographers or newspaper photographers into the property and we got in before they caught us. They let us get all the rw footage. We took it down the hill to hand it to all media outlets and our footage was seen on every Television channel in hours after we released it to them. 

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