Thursday, April 6, 2017

TARZANA - A Motorcycle crashed into a Passenger sized car On Victory Bl.

(Tarzana / Encino ): Motorcycle crash involved with a Passenger sized Car Eastbound Victory Blvd. creating a Traffic Jam earlier this morning.

News Story edited by: Mike Amiri/ Tv News Photographer @ Baddboyfilms News, Los Angeles April 6, 2017 Thursday morning 10:23 a.m.

Motorcycle Vs. small passenger’s size car in a speeding crash which occurred this morning at about 10:23 a.m. on Victory Boulevard 1,000 yards Westbound of Tampa Avenue in Tarzana. The motorcycle carrying no passengers was struck by a red car as one was turning from Victory Bl. It is unclear if there were any injuries or if anyone was drunk or under the influence of a controlled substance. 

Los Angeles Police, Valley Traffic division arrived shortly after to assist in traffic control and had laid down cones to block off traffic in two right lanes on the Eastbound Victory Bl. direction. 

They dirverted the traffic flow into the center divider and allowed people to drive around the massive amounts of broken pieces of car parts, motorcycle parts and glass that riddled Victory Bl. East and West bound lanes. 

All traffic was backed up in both directions from Tampa Avenue to Corbin Ave. on the East and West lanes of Victory Blvd. while Police took measurements and conducted a full investigation of this collision . 

Towing was provided by Howard Sommers Towing and R&B Towing arrived par customer’s request, on standby with a flatbed to assist in the transportation process of the red car which slammed into the Motor bike. 

Two officers from Valley Traffic Division on scene handled the scene professionally . 

West Valley Traffic Division - L.A.P.D. on scene 2 Officers conducting traffic control during the morning usual rush hour on this Thursday morning in Tarzana / Encino, CA.

Here is some RAW FOOTAGE and Photography captured on Amateur iPhone Video at the scene of the crash:

Raw Footage Credits: 
News Special/ Mike Amiri for Baddboyfilms News, Los Angeles

Traffic accident scene iPhone Photos: 

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