Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sylmar News | The Sylmar Creek Fire was fueled by heavily downward winds ranging in the 50 mph range on Tuesday

Sylmar, CA. 


Burned Out Homes leaving many without nowhere to live, but in the streets.
Homeless people are many after the fires here. 

December 8, 2017 (Friday) Editorial  & Raw Footage Credits: Baddboyfilms News

The Sylmar Creek Fire was fueled by heavily downward winds ranging in the 50 mph range on Tuesday in the am hours, reports say. The neighbors were fast asleep as Fire Officials awoke the entire neighborhood on a bullhorn as they drove through the streets of Via Santa Barbara and Via Santiago along the Sylmar Creek while fire was becoming fierce within the bed of it below. 

The wind shot ambers across the streets and made visibility low. The smoke was dense and thickened and made the air hard to breath it in.  The air was filled with hot sparks and smoke,  broken twigs & branches from palms with flames on them flying through the air. 

it was like a fire storm that had popped up form out of nowhere and now this little town nested in the hills of Sylmar was under a major attack of flying ambers coming straight up out of the creek bed and landing in all of the neighbor’s roof tops which are modular homes, made of cardboard like press-wood and plastics along with a foam based inner shell and fiberglass outer casing. 

The press board was like cardboard in the construction of these homes as the main materials used to build it’s internal parts. The homes are cheaply made Via a basic home builders kit that all comes in on a truck, all from a truck, these homes are delivered and assembled on location to a specific design . 

Each home floor plan is moderately the same as dozens of others therefore when the builders build them, they are used to building these one after another. Here in this small area it is a private town, all streets are not maintained by City of Los Angeles tax payers, therefore they do not have a Fire Department by LAFD services, They do not have Police to help them and they don’t have any outsider’s to help them. 

The only services they had was all of which they purchased. It also comes with a homeowner’s package deal made by the local homeowner’s association which is allocated within itself. 

They offer cable Tv services from Direct Tv, Water delivery of cased water bottles to their door weekly services, there are security guard patrol services in the streets and they have their own Neighborhood Watch program that the local Sylmar Police just started allowing installed in their neighborhood though it was still up in the air who was going to pay that tax per year. 

The fire, when it hit, some neighbors told Baddboyfilms News that it was around 4:30am when Firefighters were rolling up on Via Santiago Private St. outside going door-to-door calling out for people, they turned on their P.A. systems warning people of the evacuation order that it was mandatory they grab a few things and take a car and leave.

 Not many people knew how much time they had, the wind was fierce and outside they looked but all they saw was a violent dense smokey blast of sparks ambers and flames on houses all around their streets. The homes were on fire and people were in a horrible panic. 

They were scared to death. It was one home catching on to another, they were built back-to-back and it made it hard to get their cars out of their garages with no time, the neighbors , some, have more than two or three cars, but only one driver. Some of their family wasn’t home, was outside already with friends or on a trip or at work in a night shift position. Many homeowners assumed this was just planned mortgage, that their homes wouldn’t burn, only to return to a ruined lifetime of work as they looked forward into their piled up burned down home they are still paying mortgage payments on.  

Roof tops melted, the heat was dense. The flames jumped walls, lit all streets and palm trees burst into flames. The neighbors helped others out of their homes, some were on walkers, wheelchairs and handicapped people, disabled persons and the elderly. There were people all trying to get their neighbor’s family house pets rescued and in to their cars, people ran from door to door to help their friends and warn strangers, they didn’t know if everyone was out or safe or already deceased. 

The disability and air was crazy. Null. Your eyes were burning from the smoke and blasting ashes that came from the windy creek bed. You looked around, you saw the home on the corner of Via Santiago st. smoking and a tiny flame buckling from the corner in the attic roof top. You seen in it’s windows, billowing smoke and flames inside their living room. You saw your neighbor’s white truck on fire and you knew it is serious, how much time do I have? 

Friday,  December 8, neighbors were allowed to return to their home area to see what was left. 

A Man in his walker, Bob B. was just pulling up in a car with a friend and he saw his home is a melted mess, total ashes, the roof caved in. 

He exited the vehicle and in his home, he has his Grandfather’s baby grand piano which was said by Bob Brix , was a gift from his Grandfather that he had saved from when his parents passed away.  

In the living room this piano sits, covered in ashes though unknown if it was repairable, it has lots of damages, Sylmar Creek Fire victim Bob Brix explained about his purchasing of his homestead some 6 years ago and that moving in was something he was happy to have done but now looking into his front window glass which was broken exposing his baby-grand that his Grandfather willed to him, it was a shattered nightmare seeing it in the dismay state it was sitting in under 200 pounds of ashes and debris. 

A Fire victim who’s Sylmar home is sitting in a pile of ash on this very spot where he left it in the evacuation on Tuesday morning AM hours when he was told he had to get out, the fire had been approaching fast up into the creek and people are told to evacuate. 

Bob Brix had said he grabbed a few things, what to decide to take but little time, how much time do you have. He took some things, got into his vehicle and left the rest behind. 

Bob Brix’s Story to KTLA5 News LA and Baddboyfilms News raw footage tells the story as we listen to Bob as he tells us the rest.
Interview with Bob Brix YouTube Video: 

HD Exclusive interview Fire Victims Sylmar Creek Fires

Baddboyfilms News

Here across the river from over the bridge on Harding St. the brushfire traveled up into this small community. Just weeks till Christmas time of the years and shopping malls and villages are full of holiday shoppers and stores are filled with Christmas shoppers and Christmas sales, these homeowners are not going to be thinking about Christmas or New Years this year, they are going to be cleaning up their house as it is in a big ruin mess. The entire area is smelly of rotten ash BBQ burning chemicals smells. 

RAW FOOTAGE: Creek Brush Fire Aftermath
Baddboyfilms News

The area wind now a week later still has a very awful stench of burned plastics, wood, fire pit coal smells, smelling of polyester melted clothing and mattresses burned. It smells rotten like spoiled meats in the freezer and leftover dinner from the night of the evacuation. The rotten stenches of mildew water that rest in the rusted steel mess under carriage which used to hold up the structure before the fire. The anger amongst the neighbors who’s homes that didn’t burn but they have to try to get rid of all that fire smell that bombed their homes internally. The ashes that ruined their yards and the 

Baddboyfilms News 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Marijuana lab BHO started a fire in a Woodland Hills home | Raw footage

Breaking News | Raw Footage
Lancaster | Palmdale - News LA

CO2 Shatter | DAB | Honey Oil | Cannabis oil | THC Vape oil | Prices | U.S. Market Price | Laws

Wax Honey Budder per gram prices in Los Angeles?  Private Manufacturing Laws? 

News Highlighted on Marijuana and Teenagers | Law Enforcement loses control

Shatter | Dab Production nets $9,000.00 per LB. | U.S. Black Market underground street prices for cooking Honey Oil, See Woodland Hills, Calif. 
Editorial credits: Baddboyfilms News, Woodland Hills, Ca. The Government runs the Shatter prices down while the street thugs and gangs run it up.

In Woodland Hills, Ca. we are seeing in homes of the Persian population that this is where the most highest ran operations are within. Persian people are more interested in the processing and manufacturing of this oil, honey oil and Shatter than that of other races. But it isn't a race issue or a issue of morals. It is a issue of cash income and return of investments.
While the state laws in California are becoming written on the topic, and the legalization of Marijuana has been a fact then where we are heading is into what it being ripped as “The Shatter Era”

Before lawmakers cook up a scheme to melt it all down into one pot, they are seeing more and more tweeters cooking up their own batches from the street, alleys and in garages and self storage rentals. Where you wouldn’t expect to find a Meth Lab, you would find a Shatter processing manufacturing operation right under your own nose. The people behind these shimmy-shark underground hood labs are those of the street. They are old school stoners, skaters, or the regular profound chemist who once was cooking meth, ice, clear or rock and flipped their op to the more easily new trend amongst not only teens but Lawyers, Doctors, Police, and even Supreme Court Judges smoke a little dab here and there  in the secret chambers of their private lives.

Dab | Shatter Budder (Butter) is like a pasty wax film that is gathered while you process the oils  of the bud, flower, or better known as Marijuana | Cannabis. 

There are more dangers involved than one may assume when you cook with household chemicals and mix them in with heat. Heat will surely ignite the residues when you are dealing with bubbles of butane in your mixture. 

This is the newest craze like a town that legalizes Fireworks or Casinos. The criminals, the rants, the ravers, the tweeters, the inexperienced small timers will want some of that price per pound action. The going 2017 October price per Lb. of DAB, Honey Oil, Cannabis Oil, Marijuana Honey Oil is about $9,000.00 and this is liquid ounces at 16 for one pound. 

Liquid being the honey, the slab, the shatter . Whatever you want to call it, it sells for a lot of money. That price tag is bringing in a lot of small timers from the hood of Los Angeles who once sold used cars, not they are making Cannabis Oil from their garages. But they don’t know what they are doing, a few times they do it, it comes out good and pure, other times, Ka-Boom they blow the house up. Firefighters find more Dab labs cropping up in the West Valley area of the SFV Los Angeles this year 2017 and Last year 2016. 

It blows up like liquid nitrogen mixed with gasoline and flames. But it burns like a sticky substance, it sticks to your walls and is on fire. Fire Extinguishers hardly put the burning flame out. You need foam extinguishers, or what is called “Wet Water” .

 It burns inside your place like a Mot’off Cocktail just exploded but add some napalm to that mixture and that’s what it’s like. It’s a mess to extinguish. So for those who want to speed up the process by using Butane, get yourself outside in open air and don’t do it indoors. The fumes will ignite. 

There is a new law written. It will become available soon in 2018. But it will regulate how the process is done, the people who do the process and where it is done. There will be permits issued to the legal people who are allowed to process Honey oil and their will be only those doing this who are permitted and regulated by Federal Government.

The is a safety measure and precaution so people don’t risk death and the death of others around them where they openly chemist their products. It was in the March 7th, 2017  Ballot in Los Angeles and people voted on it and now it’s going to become law. 

C02 Hash oil, Cannabis Oil Extract, Marijuana Honey oil, Cannabis Honey Concentrates, Wax Dab Budder, Wholesale rates of $20 - $30 per gram, 1 pound would be $9,000.00 if it existed, Hash Pudding, Honey oil, Lab, Manufacturing Honey oil for profits, Make Honey Oil at home, Easy ways of making Cannabis Oil from your garage, The dangers of honey oil processes, Rick blew up his basement while trying to corner the shatter THC market, online THC oil sales and much more reading. 

 Baddboyfilms News, we’re on it. 

Continue reading the Shatter Chemist News: 

Alleged Cannabis concentrate Shatter | Honey oil cooking kitchen and Lab explosion at 5306 N Don Pio Dr. Woodland Hills, CA  recently was in the eyes of the LAFD Arson and an LAPD investigation....

Woodland Hills, CA | THC Cannabis oil Fire Criminal Investigation

Los Angeles, CA - 5306 N. Don Pio Dr, Woodland Hills, Ca, Fire and Police ... called in Los Angeles Fire Department investigators (ARSON Detectives) to ... of the structure the lab was being used to cook down the Hash oil.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tarzana - Fire ripped through attic and carport at a residence 19642 W Friar St Said Battalion Chief Wordin

Structure Fire - Tarzana, CA
19642 W Friar St 
(investigator) Battalion Chief Wordin
Baddboyfilms News, October 26, 2017 @5:51pm

Structure Fire 19600 block of Friar Street in Tarzana Raw Footage

Carport Fire reported along the 19600 block of West Friar St. East of Corbin Ave. 

The fire broke out Thursday evening at 5:25pm in the carport of a single-family dwelling on the 19600 block of West Friar Street in the southern part of Tarzana, CA. The fire extended through the eastern side of the neighboring yard, which was separated by a cinder block wall.

There is a over-grown tree that is growing in this carport and that ignited into a ball of flame, shooting flames upward and igniting the neighbor’s plastic garden sheds which were constructed between the block wall and their house. As flames extended up their walls, it burned up the plastic, billions of black dense smoke could be seen as far as Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Erwin St. at the Westfield Village at Topanga as the house wall caught fire and the orange flames traveled into the attic of the front rooms in the home after licking it’s outside roof for a few minutes. The tree was fully involved which had heated the roof from the outside while flames licked the edges and fire finally entered the home’s attic tearing through their home in a partial area of the house, authorities said. No news into the cause of this fire and the how the fire started is still under investigation. Witnesses told Battalion Chief Andrew Wordin that they didn’t know what caused the fire. They said they heard popping sounds and came out to see. They noted their power in one house shutting down. They didn’t know what was going on till they saw the orange flames, said a homeowner who wants to remain anonymous. .

LA Firefighters had to cut large holes into the roof to ventilate the fumes and smoke caused by this structure fire. The homeowners were upset that they just lost their home to fire but they were lucky to of walked away alive to safety. Over 40 Los Angeles Firefighters with a Fire Chief from BC17 and a Battalion Chief from BC17 and many LAFD Paramedics were on standby incase a firefighter or anyone got hurt on scene and needed transportation to a local hospital. Lucky all the children were not hurt and made it out of their homes safely. Baddboyfilms News was on scene.

Incident  type: Fire originated outside, involving a carport at a single family dwelling. Fire extended into the exposed single family dwelling, including the attic. No injuries reported.
Location: 19600 block of Friar St. 
Date/Time: October 26, 2017, Thursday, 5:25pm
Injuries reported: None
Type of structures: two neighboring single family dwellings in a residential zoned neighborhood. 

On scene: EM17 Fire Captain Holt , RA72, RA73, RA93, T105, T93, CM12, CM42, BC17 Battalion Chief Andrew Wordin, E293, E305, E273

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Northridge Car Crash leaves 6 critically injured, 3 being children under 10 years old, LAPD Bustos said

Northridge, CA

News Update: 

Update 6 injured Northridge Crash at the 19500 block W. Roscoe Boulevard cross intersection Shirley Avenue.

Original news: 2 car, 5 injured Traffic Accident was considered a Hit & Run on October 10, 2017 on the 19500 block along Roscoe Bl in Northridge, CA

Wednesday , October 11, 2017
Baddboyfilms news / Raw footage credits

[News updated from editorial:  Tuesday 3:50 pm, 19500 W. Roscoe Blvd. October 10, 2017]


There was no pedestrian struck. There was no pedestrian at all at this scene.

The man driving the 2003 silver Toyota Tacoma made a left turn heading South on Shirley from facing Westbound on Roscoe Blvd.  He cut in front of and crashed head-on into the approaching a blue four door 2015 Subaru WRX which was traveling east bound in lane number one with 5 people in the car. 

The male driver of the Toyota Tacoma in his impact of the Subaru, flipping his truck and ejected the driver because the Toyota Tacoma driver wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. He was ejected from out the rear window of the truck and fell on the roadway behind the vehicles as they continued to travel in the direction of the crash. 

 The first Police investigative report told a different story to media. They said they thought there was a pedestrian who was struck in the crosswalk but intact it was the driver of the Toyota Tacoma who they though to be a pedestrian until they found our inside the hospital that the pedestrian and the registered owner of the Toyota Tacoma somehow had shared to exact same name, home address and social security number. 

All people at the traffic accident are now accountable. No one is missing. Police have done a excellent job in their investigating and the public doesn’t have to be worried of a man running around wanted from this incident anymore. Everyone has been accounted for. 

6 people are injured, this story update reports that there was 3 minors aged 18 months old baby boy, a 9 year old boy and a 10 year old brother inside the 2015 Subaru WRX when it crashed, along with a mother and there father, all 5 were seriously injured when help arrived to transport them to local hospitals. 

When the accident occurred, witnesses and bystanders rushed to the victims to help push the pick up truck off the blue Subaru as it was crushing them under it intruder to get the car doors open and get the people trapped inside, outside of the vehicle. 

The man who was the driver of the Toyota Tacoma wasn’t inside he truck, therefore the witnesses assumed he ran away making the first press release a Felony Hit & Run suspect, said Bill Bustos LAPD.
 No one at the scene during the accident had told police that they actually saw the driver of the pick-up truck fall out or get ejected from the rear window of his truck as the accident had happened so fast. 

Los Angeles Police Detectives had a tip from the hospital Head Nurse's station that the so-called Pedestrian they thought was one has mysteriously matched the name of the registered owner of the Toyota Tacoma at the accident scene making this not a felony hit & run. All six injured people taken from the scene are accountable by police as being all of whom were involved. No one ran away. No suspect's to arrest for hit & run charges.  

It turned out to be just a traffic accident with injuries.  LAPD Officer Bustos was part of the investigation supervisors on this incident. 

From Baddboyfilms news in HD Raw Footage: 

On scene: 
Los Angeles Fire Department resigning to a expanded traffic accident at the 19500 block of West Roscoe Boulevard with children reported trapped were BC17, E104, E273, E293, E70, EM12, EM15, EM17, HR70, RA104, RA105, RA106, RA70, RA72, RA93, RA96, T73, T93