Sunday, December 18, 2016

Million Dollar Home Views Los Angeles Fire Station 28

Million Dollar Home Views Los Angeles Fire Station 28 L.A.F.D. Firefighter's California Dream Views ... on the job. 

Fire Station 28 - LAFD - Los Angeles, California - Fire Station

Sunday December 18, 2016

Not much you can buy with a Million dollars these days in Los Angeles or other parts of the Californians. 
Not many Firefighter's paychecks can hardly afford the million dollar estate views which they have their fire stations built upon. 

Firefighters are the heroes whom save lives while trying to save people's private property too. Things are replaceable but a Firefighter will save a life before they save your home or anything in it. 

How much do LAFD firefighters make a year?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated an average salary of $47,420 for all firefighters employed in the United States in 2011. Los Angeles firefighter trainees earn a salary of $51,120 per year. Starting salaries for Los Angeles firefighters range from $53,766 to $74,416 per year, according to the LAFD website.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics 
is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.

 The Porter Ranch area has a multi-million dollar plan of progressive building of new construction homes since the early 1980s.

This area has been under a major development with the big boys in retail and commercial home construction from around the county. Worldwide businesses and banking have also cropped up and a major shopping center that is full most year-round at the corner of Corbin Ave. and Renaldi St. where you can shop the many stores like: 

Walmart Pharmacy 


CVS Photo

...And others

The L.A. City Fire Station No. 28 Fire Dept. sits atop of Corbin Ave 

Ranaldi St. faces East and West. Corbin Ave. runs North and South, usually, till you get up into the Porter Ranch area, then the streets change a little as the terrain changes with the roads, they curve them around hillsides, etc. Not all of Porter Ranch Community is on build able flat land. Fire Station 28 is facing Corbin Ave. at this location in Google Maps Here